Add more information and tips for intermitting fasting for women.

If you investigate intermitting fasting for women, you will read that the advice against intermitting fasting is often for women. Intermitting fasting has a greater effect on the hormone balance of women. It is more easily disruptive for woman's balance then for men. I myself was gaining weight even though I stayed true to my energy intake. I had to change the eating period (other hours) the length (1 hour longer) and put my energy level up (eat a 100 to a 150 kcal more). After this, my weight was going down again.
Also put in a warning for women who try to get pregnant. Intermitting fasting can be ( if not right) cause infertility.
Thank you very much!

Under consideration Fasting Feature Suggested by: Jennifer Upvoted: 14 Jan, '21 Comments: 0

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