Make search results include user-created meals and recipes

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Currently, the built-in search engine only indexes recipes created by Yazio. However, we users have been creating meals and recipes which do not show up in the search results and must be looked for manually in order to add them to the diary. This is painful and time consuming, since I have quite extensive lists of meals and recipes I created from scratch and trying to find a given one by reading, one by one, the items on a really long collection of options is a slow and frustrating process to say the least. Why should we have to waste our time in such a way when there exist search engines to avoid the hassle? Please, include user-created meals and recipes in search results. Mind you, I'm not even asking to see everyone's recipes and meals in the search results, just mine. The ones I have created. Thank you.

Under consideration Diary Foods Suggested by: Lou Upvoted: 07 Aug Comments: 4

Comments: 4