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In my case the main goal was to lose weight, which is now finished. I now changed to maintain weight and alle my progress in "kg" (which I've lost) is gone. Would be great if the overall progress is displayed anywhere after changing the goal. Also when I change to gain muscle, all diary entries are now red, because the "gain muscle" goal is to eat more that X calories per days. That doesn't reflect my history with the app correctly, because with the privious goal, the diary entries from the past should be green.
Maybe this is very picky from me, but actually I want to see my progress from the past, too.

For me it is now too late, because my progress is not displayed anymore but I think for people who are starting, this change would be great ;)

Under consideration Diary General Suggested by: DSRT93 Upvoted: 09 Aug Comments: 0

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