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If one can record the times saying ‘now it’s hard and I really want to eat a big cake’ OR just press a symbol emoji when it is difficult OR send a help-sign to a buddy the app could 1) analyze which times the cravings start and send an encouraging message ( optional chosen by ourselves ) as a preventative measure 2) immediately send a hey hang in there with a supportive funny quote ( I can provide hundreds ) 3) either the Buddy could hopefully send a support message’ back like Mae West ‘ the best way to get rid of a temptation is to give in to it ‘ haha. Just kidding! 4) OR one can send this random SOSmessage with only yr country and ANYONE in the Yazioworld could answer ( moderator watched etc and courtesy guidelines of course )
Oh I have so many ideas but I got to stop cuz need to sleep. This was fun!

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