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Record the amount of caffeine

Suggested by: Agnes (12 Jan, '19) Upvoted: 27 May Comments: 23
Under consideration Analysis Diary

Add Muscle Mass as body value

A lot of people have smart scales that can measure a Muscle mass and transfer it to the Health app. Would be great if YAZIO could fetch that parameter automatically ...
Suggested by: Alex (20 Nov, '18) Upvoted: 16 Mar Comments: 4
Under consideration Analysis

Analysis: dietary intake cal and active energy cal together

Total of calories balance (intake vs. base + active through exercise) over certain period or since beginning of tracking. Like diary for the DAY has it but not ...
Suggested by: Mirela Chirica (11 May, '20) Upvoted: 29 May Comments: 3
Under consideration Analysis

Weekly feedback on progress

I find it would be useful to receive some feedback regarding my progress. I have a pro account and would expect some personalized advice on nutrients, progression of ...
Suggested by: Giulia (01 Jul, '20) Upvoted: 22 Mar Comments: 13
Under consideration Analysis Body Values Coach Diary

Allow reset of diary without losing your created foods and recipes

Suggested by: John (08 Jul, '21) Upvoted: 04 Apr Comments: 12
Under consideration Analysis Diary Settings

Sodium tracker

Be able to set the amount of sodium you can have in a day
Suggested by: Nicole mullins (03 Jan, '19) Upvoted: 13 Jan Comments: 6
Under consideration Analysis

Calories balance diagram

Now we have only diagram how many I had eaten. This is not useful for me because at one day I could run 25km on ski and all the other day spent on couch. Calories ...
Suggested by: Andrey (13 Jan, '19) Upvoted: 22 May Comments: 5
Under consideration Analysis

See from which foods micronutrients come from in Analysis

It would be a big help to see when I look at my e.g. Vitamin A Trends, from which foods I ate that contain vitamin A and how much. This way people can increase more ...
Suggested by: Doug (12 Aug, '20) Upvoted: 25 May Comments: 2
Under consideration Analysis

Analysis: Overview of Net Calories

Please add Net Calories chart on Analysis. Calories Consumed (Food) - Calories Burned (Exercise) = Net Calories Now it's hard to see if I stick with my Calorie ...
Suggested by: Zbigniew (22 Aug, '19) Upvoted: 09 Jan Comments: 3
Under consideration Analysis

Allow graphs to be overlaid in analysis

It would be very helpful to be able to overlay graphs in the analysis page. It can be very useful to see things like you’re weight vs water intake or protein intake.
Suggested by: Chris (01 Jul, '20) Upvoted: 19 Aug, '22 Comments: 8
Under consideration Analysis Settings

Support more than 6 charts in the analysis section of the app

Currently I can only choose 6 of the available charts for the overview. I would like to get the charts of all values.
Suggested by: David (08 Jan, '19) Upvoted: 11 Jun, '21 Comments: 6
Under consideration Analysis

Make the progress section easier to see

I find the measurement section to be encouraging and motivating so you can easily see your progress (or lack of) to keep on track. At the moment, the measurements ...
Suggested by: Caro (02 Jan, '19) Upvoted: 07 Nov, '22 Comments: 4
Under consideration Analysis

Add potassium as a tracked mineral from diet

Nutrition facts are required to track potassium as well and that is a very important macro mineral.
Suggested by: Chris Miller (06 Apr, '20) Upvoted: 12 Apr, '22 Comments: 3
Under consideration Analysis

Auto calculate the weight derived from food energy loss and compare with the real weight

It would be very usefull to find out what is my weight derived from the food energy loss and give this Information maybe in a chart with two lines theoretical and ...
Suggested by: SARAFIANOS DIMITRIOS (09 Jun, '20) Upvoted: 10 Jun, '21 Comments: 3
Under consideration Analysis Body Values

Overview of most eaten foods last week/month (with cal.)

Update the overview of food eaten last week and last month and give users motivation for eating healthy: Example: Last month list: 1. Chicken 1.045 ...
Suggested by: Siri (15 Apr, '20) Upvoted: 09 Aug, '22 Comments: 2
Under consideration Analysis Diary

Change/add the Color in the diary

it would be nice to be able to have more customizable color in the recap calendar Example: Orange :too few calories (define a minimun percentage to consume of ...
Suggested by: Noémie (09 Mar, '21) Upvoted: 15 Apr Comments: 10
Under consideration Analysis Diary

Analysis more than 2 years

I would love to see my analysis more than 2 years
Suggested by: Nicky (23 Jul, '21) Upvoted: 06 Jan Comments: 5
Under consideration Analysis

Add heart beat in arterial pressure form

Hi , could you please add an heartbeat field in the arterial blood pressure form please? I was using a dedicated app for this but if this feature is available as ...
Suggested by: Eric (16 Feb) Upvoted: 09 Mar Comments: 0
Under consideration Analysis Body Values

Sum of calories per week

It would be very nice to be able to see the sum of calories eaten per week. It is important to have not only an overview per day but also per week. Thank
Suggested by: Sarsa Brinks (30 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 14 May Comments: 2
Under consideration Analysis

Statistics of Self-managed labels (mood, environment, etc.)

This is about the labels which can be selected wthin the notes-section (e.g. head ache, movie night, etc.). I think tracking of subjectively perceived health, mood ...
Suggested by: Alexandra Frank (05 May, '21) Upvoted: 23 Jul, '21 Comments: 3
Under consideration Analysis Diary

Please, please let us use all these datas...

Hi ! In these times, it became important to count things. Count our nutriments yes. But carbon footprint is important too. I know Yazio is not about CO2. My point is ...
Suggested by: Eliot (26 Sep, '22) Upvoted: 15 Jan Comments: 2
Under consideration Analysis

Listing the foods of the day in order of quantity (e.g. food which has the most fat)

I noticed the lack of an easily implementable function, namely the possibility of listing the foods of the day in order of quantity in separate tables for ...
Suggested by: Sante (27 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 20 Sep, '21 Comments: 2
Under consideration Analysis

Analysis: Combine different diagrams to a single one

There is an option to view your minerals intake under the analysis but only one at a time. In summer however, when you do a lot of sports and sweat a lot it's ...
Suggested by: new-user (19 Jan, '21) Upvoted: 06 Jan Comments: 2
Under consideration Analysis

Add a day/week/month target for all categories (vitamins, nutriments, water)

We can see how many vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc we eat per day, week or month but there is no line showing how much we SHOULD. For water we can set our own ...
Suggested by: Eliot (23 May, '22) Upvoted: 16 Nov, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration Analysis

Link For Visualize Feeding of the day

From the profile, in the section My progress, in nutritional values, by clicking on the value, for example fat possibility of with the click of the day view The ...
Suggested by: Angelo (10 Oct, '22) Upvoted: 10 Oct, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration Analysis Profile

Count activities towards step goals

As it stands now, activities such as running are not counted towards the daily step goal under “activities” (but this seems to be the case under statistics). I find ...
Suggested by: Chris (09 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 25 Aug, '21 Comments: 0
Under consideration Activities Analysis

Catalyst App

adding an option to add the water that you drink over your pc like in a HomeOffice (a macOS catalyst app would be a good go and wouldn’t take a lot of time. Maybe 1-4 ...
Suggested by: Max (29 Jun, '21) Upvoted: 29 Jun, '21 Comments: 0
Under consideration Analysis

Calculate last 24 hours calorie intake

in addition to daily calories, calculate constant 24 hours calorie intakes -bcs we dont shut down our bodies at 00:00 and life continues.
Suggested by: Kerem Tezcan (13 Dec, '20) Upvoted: 13 Dec, '20 Comments: 0
Under consideration Analysis